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    The Hotel al Giardinetto, recently restructured in summer 2004, is situated in one of the beautiful and historical parts of Padua. It is placed close to Prato della Valle, one of the larger public squares of Europe, with its magnificent garden; closed to the hotel there is the Basilica of S. Giustina and the Basilica of S. Antonio, famous in all the world for the pilgrimages of the devout people to the Saint.

    The Hotel al Giardinetto is the ideal point of departure to visit the outskirtses of Padua, rich of history and "eno-gastonomiche" traditions; it's near Venice, at only 20 minutes by train, the most lovely city of the world! The hotel is near a guarded parking of 450 places and the bus-stop, which make the hotel easily accessible from every part of the city.

The pleasant and calm atmosphere will render Your stay in Padua the most beautiful and relaxant, for job or tourism.

Prato della Valle, 54 - 35100 Padua - Italy     Tel. +39 049 656766 - Fax +39 049 656972     Email: info@hotelalgiardinetto.it